Sali d’Argento = Silver halides.

What you see is an emotional, non-homogeneous flow of images created almost exclusively on traditional supports, that is film and/or silver gelatin. I might add words here and there, who knows?, and I am since now giving my apologies to non-italian readers out there, if I will sometimes indulge in my own native language.

If you are wishing to see some more “selected” work of mine, please have a look at my online portfolio at http://www.marcotaje.eu

Comments, criticism and thoughts are welcome!

Thanks for your Time.


Why I am sticking with film:

“Because it is connected to me emotionally and mentally. Because I am somehow a materialistic atheist and like to have in hands things which are not abstract, something which does not need software to be translated to what it should be. Because it is the opposite of digi fast life instant result consumerism liberal capitalism profit no time to relax and enjoy just work no time to be with beloved people way of life.”

– Haris, amateur photographer from Sarajevo. From the Leica users’ forum.